When I try to aquire data I get an error reading “Driver conflict detected.”
When I try to aquire data I get an error reading “Device ChronoVu LA8 (or LA16) was not found.” even though the ChronoVu serial number shows up on the Help->About menu.

This error most commonly occurs on Mac computers when another devices’ driver, usually a Serial VCP or “Virtual Com Port” driver, is claiming the ChronoVu anlayzer’s USB interface. This problem can be resolved either of two ways. If the conflicting device driver is no longer needed, simply uninstall it from your system so that it will not interfere with the ChronoVu device. If the conflicting device driver is needed, then you will need to modify the PID on your analyzer. In order to change the PID, the offending device driver must be temporarily disabled so that the ChronoVu device can be accessed by the ChronoVu software application.¬†(See Temporarily Disabling a Mac Device Driver for assistance) ¬†Once the conflicting driver has been temporarily disabled, plug in the ChronoVu device, open the ChronoVu software interface, and select “Help->Change PID” from the menubar. Select “ChronoVu PID” on the pop-up dialog and click OK. Unplpug the analyzer, and restart the (previously) conflicting device driver. Once the analyzer is plugged back into the USB port, the conflict should be resolved.

When I plug in my ChronoVu, the red “idle” light does not come on.
When I try to aquire data I get an error reading “No appropriate USB Devices are Available” even though my ChronoVu Logic Probe is connected to a USB port.

Make sure the proper driver is loaded on your system (see Installing the USB Driver for assistance.) If the driver is okay, unplug the USB cable from the computer, wait five seconds, and plug the USB cable back into the computer. If, after a dozen seconds, the red LED still does not light, or the device is still not found, try a different USB port on your computer. Make sure that your ChronoVu device is connected directly to a USB port on the computer (not a port replicator, USB hub, etc.). If another computer is available, try installing your ChronoVu on a different computer to see if the problem can be isolated to the computer port or the ChronoVu port. If the problem still cannot be resolved, contact ChronoVu support.

Sometimes, when I touch the ChronoVu probes, the red “idle” light goes out and the ChronoVu device stops responding.

This problem usually occurs because static electricity has caused a power fault on your ChronoVu device or USB port. If this occurs, unplug the USB cable from the computer, wait five seconds, and plug the USB cable back into the computer. This will reset both your ChronoVu device and the USB port on the computer. This problem can usually be avoided by wearing a grounded wrist strap while connecting the probes. Since static electricity can permanently damage either your ChronoVu or the device to which the probes are connected, the use of a grounded wrist strap is highly recommended.

When I plug in the USB cable, my computer tells me that it does not recognize my ChronoVu device.
When I try to aquire data I get an error message reading “Device ChronoVu LA8 (or LA16) was not found”.

The USB driver may not be properly loaded. Click this link for instructions: Installing the USB Driver

When I try to run the ChronoVu software, my computer tells me that it can not run because of a missing DLL file.

Try reloading the ChronoVu software. If this does not solve the problem, go to the installation directory (where you installed the software on your computer) and look for the WinDriverFiles folder. Under this folder, find the offending DLL file and manually copy the file to the installation directory (the directory where the executable is located).

When I probe my bus, the yellow “acquire” LED lights, but the green “trigger” LED does not light, and the acquisition times out.

The ChronoVu device is waiting for a trigger that does not occur within the specified timeout period. Double check the trigger timeout setting and trigger conditions specified on the Data Acquisition Setup menu. Check to make sure that all probes, including the ground probe, are properly connected. Try changing the trigger conditions to “Any State” on all channels, then look at the resulting acquired data to see if the input signals are all behaving as expected.

My ChronoVu device seems to be working, but my acquired signals are noisy, erratic, or strange.

Make sure that the ChronoVu ground probe (black wire) is connected to a good ground node on the probed device.

I need to probe high voltage signals that do not stay within the allowed voltage window for the ChronoVu inputs.

Instructions for probing high voltage signals can be found on the Cautions and Warnings help page.

I defined a bus, and clicked OK, but nothing happened.

Reopen the Bus Analysis Setup menu, and check the Visible box for the bus channel.