Panning by Time

Once you have acquired or loaded data, you can automatically scroll the data window to a specific point along the time axis or to a point that is a specific distance from the current location on the time axis, by selecting the View–>Time Pan item from the menu bar or by clicking on the  icon on the tool bar (see User Interface for assistance). A Pan by Time Setup menu will be provided for selecting the parameters desired.

Time Pan Setup

Choose the appropriate options using the menu illustrated above. Each of the menu items is disscussed in more detail below.


The Criteria menu field allows the specification of either an absolute time or a relative time along the time axis. For example, if the current viewing window was at 100us, and a relative time of -20us was selected, the view window would be panned to a location including the point 80ns on the time axis.


The time may be specified as an integer value in us, ms or seconds. Either positive or negative values can be entered. If the specified value lies outside the range of the data, the window will be panned to the beginning or end of the data accordingly.