Once you have acquired or loaded data, you can place “bookmarks” at any location along the time axis. Bookmarks allow you to mark locations along the time axis, and then rapidly return to those locations at any time. You can set or pan to a bookmark by selecting the View–>Bookmark item from the menu bar or by clicking on the  icon on the tool bar (see User Interface for assistance). A Bookmark Setup menu will be provided for selecting the desired bookmark and action.

Bookmark Setup

Choose the appropriate options using the menu illustrated above. Each of the menu items is disscussed in more detail below.


Selectable actions are: “Go To Bookmark”, “Set Bookmark”, or “Unset Bookmark”. To place a bookmark, select “Set Bookmark” in the bookmark window and click “Ok”. The new location for the bookmark should then be selected by clicking the left mouse button at the desired location in the signal display window. Setting a bookmark that has previously been placed will simply move the bookmark to the new location. To remove a previously placed bookmark, select “Unset Bookmark” in the Bookmark Setup menu. To pan to the location of a previously set bookmark, select “Go To Bookmark” and click “Ok”.

Bookmark #

Ten bookmarks are available. (0 – 9)

Keyboard Shortcuts

The number keys “0” through “9” will pan to the appropriate bookmarks if they have been placed. Shifted-number keys will place or move a bookmark. (Note that the shifted number-pad keys are defined as arrows, Home, End, etc. on many keyboards, so only the normal number keys, near the top of the keyboard, are trustworthy for setting bookmarks.)