Cautions and Warnings

Your ChronoVu logic probe is designed to give many years of productive operation. The following tips will help to insure that you do not damage your ChronoVu probe, yourself, or your circuit under test.

Probing Extreme Voltages

Your ChronoVu probe must not be connected directly to an electrical node which attains voltages greatly outside the range of -0.5V to 6V since the application of such voltages will invalidate your warrantee, and could cause permanent damage to your
ChronoVu device.  If voltage levels exceeding this voltage range are to be probed, the simple circuit illustrated below can be used to adjust the signal voltages to within the acceptable limits.

CAUTION: Voltages greatly exceeding the 5V range of the ChronoVu probe can be dangerous. Great care must be taken to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity

Although the ChronoVu inputs are designed to withstand reasonable electrostatic discharge events, care should be taken to ground hands, tools, etc. before touching the ChronoVu leads, as static electricity can potentially damage either your ChronoVu, or the electronic device which is being probed.  The precautionary use of grounded wrist straps is recommended.