Canned Bus Setups

Because there are so many ways in which components communicate, the Bus Setup options have been designed to be extremely flexible, thereby allowing a wide variety of signal busses to be easily analyzed. (See Data Analysis)With flexibility, however, comes a certain degree of complexity. To simplify the analysis of a few of the most common types of signal busses, a few “Canned” setups are available.

Select appropriate canned bus settings

Open the Canned Bus Analysis Setup menu in the ChronoVu software by clicking on the  icon on the tool bar, or the Analysis Tools–>Canned Bus Setup menu item from the menu bar. (See User Interface for assistance).

Bus Type

Choose the desired bus protocol from the pull down menu.Currently available options include I2C, SPI, and UART. Once a canned bus setup is specified, any open data files will be closed and the Acquisition Setup menu will be opened in preparation for a new data acquisition.

Bus Parameters

Each canned bus type has a unique set of parameters. To determine how to set up the parameters for a particular bus, check the settings used by the bus transmitting component.(See I2C, SPI, or UART for assistance).

Adjustments and preferences

Once the canned bus parameters are selected, the Acquisition Setup and Bus Analysis Setup menus will be displayed, with suggested values entered into key fields.These values can be adjusted as needed to customize your particular analysis. For example, if previously acquired data is to be analyzed using the canned setup, be sure to modify the Acquisition Rate field on the Acquisition Setup menu to match the rate that was used to acquire the data, so that the bus timing will be properly accommodated.

Analyzing the data

After the Acquisition Setup and Bus Analysis Setup menus have been closed, you are ready to acquire data from the bus or load previously acquired data from a file. As always, the analysis can be adjusted by clicking on the icon on the tool bar, or the Analysis Tools–>Bus Analysis Setup menu item from the menu bar. (For more detail, see Data Analysis)


UART busses (RS232 ports) use voltages well outside the allowed levels for the ChronoVu probe hardware. To avoid damaging your ChronoVu probe, please consult the Warnings and Cautions page for instructions.