Do ChronoVu USB Logic Analyzers work with Windows, Linux, and Mac?

Yes, Windows and Linux have been supported with every version of ChronoVu software.   We’re excited to be supporting Mac (see note below for Maverick OS) beginning with ChronoVu software version 3.02.  Download and try out the version that’s right for you.

What is new with ChronoVu v4.00 software?

Version 4.00 ChronoVu software provides two USB Device Drivers (ChronoVu and FTDI – formerly Alternate and Standard on v3.xx software) for use specifically on Mac and Windows platforms (both drivers work with Linux). The ChronoVu (for Mac) or FTDI (for Windows) driver can be selected by changing the PID value from within the ChronoVu Application (see “Change PID” under the Help tab) – see instructions for changing PID based on platform below.  All kits shipped with v4.00 software now come with the PID already selected per the OS selection made at the time of purchase.

Windows users – If, at some point, you need to configure your LA8/LA16 for use on a Mac, you will need to first re-configure the hardware as follows:

 – On a Windows (or Linux) platform, plug in the LA8/LA16.  Wait for the red LED to light.

 – Open the ChronoVu native application, go to the help pulldown tab, and select “Change PID”

 – Select the ChronoVu PID (8867) and click the OK button.

 – Close the application and unplug the LA8/LA16 device.

The hardware is now configured to use a driver that is compatible with Mac (and Linux) platforms.  If you subsequently  need to use the LA8/LA16 on Windows, you will need to set the PID back to the FTDI (6001) setting (using the Mac or Linux platform) so that the Windows compatible driver will be selected.

For older kits / Operating Systems – when using v4.00 software with a kit preprogrammed with the ChronoVu PID (or if you have changed the PID on your older kit), the first time that your ChronoVu device is plugged into the USB port, some versions of Windows may fail to automatically find the ChronoVu device driver. To determine if your system finds the ChronoVu driver, plug the ChronoVu device into the USB Port and wait for a few seconds for the system to acknowledge the connection. If the red “I” light on the ChronoVu device is lit, the appropriate driver is already installed and you are ready to use your analyzer – enjoy!! If the red “I” light is not lit or the system asks for help finding a driver location, please use these instructions to select the correct driver:


Mac users –If, at some point, you need to configure your LA8/LA16 for use on Windows, you will need to first reconfigure the hardware as follows:

 – On a Mac (or Linux) platform, plug in the LA8/LA16.  Wait for the red LED to light.

 – Open the ChronoVu native application, go to the help pulldown tab, and select “Change PID”

 – Select the FTDI PID (6001) and click the OK button.

 – Close the application and unplug the LA8/LA16 device.

The hardware is now configured to use a driver that is compatible with Windows (and Linux) platforms.  If you subsequently need to use the LA8/LA16 on your Mac, you will need to set the PID back to the ChronoVu (8867) setting (using the Windows or Linux platform) so that the Mac compatible driver will be selected.

For older kits / Operating Systems:  prior to upgrading to Maverick OS, it is recommended that you ensure your analyzer is using the ChronoVu PID. All kits shipped with v4.00 software have been preprogrammed. For older kits, use the “Change PID” command under Help in the ChronoVu application to select either ChronoVu PID (for v4.00 software) or Alternate PID (for V3.xx software). Once the PID is confirmed, you can update to Maverick OS and your analyzer is ready to use. Note: if you have updated to Maverick OS prior to changing the PID, follow these instructions to change the PID.


How do I tell what version ChronoVu software my logic analyzer is using?

Run ChronoVu and click on “About” under the Help menu – the current software version will be displayed along with your unit’s serial number.

How do I know if a newer version of software is available?

Click on the appropriate download icon on the Download page and the current version of software is displayed in the download window.

How do I update my software?

If you plan to install a newer version of software, be sure to first uninstall the current version by right clicking on the ChronoVu icon on your desktop or program directory and selecting Uninstall.  Once complete, click on the appropriate download icon and continue as instructed.

I am using Mac Maverick OS and get the message “App Can’t Be Opened” when trying to install ChronoVu v4.00.

To bypass this gatekeeper message, Right-click (or control-click) the application and choose “Open”. Click the “Open” button at the next dialog warning to launch the app anyway

Does ChronoVu software work on Windows XP/Vista/7?

Yes, drivers are automatically installed to support operation on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. If you have any problems, please contact us via the Contact tab.

Is the software available for free?

Yes, you can download the version appropriate (Windows / Linux / Mac) for your system from the downloads page.  Also included are reference data and setup files so you can evaluate the software with actual data displayed. See our downloads page for free software.

Where can I find reference data and setup files once I install the ChronoVu software?

Windows:  MyDocuments/ChronoVu/LA8_Examples        (or /LA16_Examples)

Linux:  /usr/local/share/chronovu_la8/LA8_Examples    (or /LA16_Examples)

Mac:  /Users/Shared/ChronoVu/LA8_Examples                  (or /LA16_Examples)

What do I do if the driver didn’t automatically install?

Under the “Support” menu tab, click on “Getting Started > Installing the USB Driver” for full instructions on confirming installation and manually installing the driver on your system.  If you are receiving error messages after installing the driver, see Troubleshooting for additional assistance.

When I look at the example files I see glitches on some signals when other signals are toggling.  Is this a problem with the ChronoVu hardware or software?

No, these glitches were caused by real crosstalk in the counter circuit that was probed, but they illustrate one of the features of the software.  Note that the glitches are still visible at any zoom level on the ChronoVu software.  Even when you are zoomed out, the ChronoVu software will check every sample in the data and insure that glitches or short pulses remain visible.  See Troubleshooting for additional assistance.

Do I need to connect unused channels to ground?

The black probe(s) connected to the input(s) marked “G” on the logic analyzer should be grounded – other unused channels can be left floating.  Special circuitry in the input stage of the ChronoVu device will insure that floating inputs remain stable.

Is there an external trigger signal on the LA8 or LA16 analyzer?

Although we don’t currently offer a trigger-out signal on the LA8, it is possible to generate such a signal based on the signals on the LA8 board by buffering the Trigger-LED signal for external use.   If you are comfortable with circuit board modifications, you can use this application note to add an external trigger signal to your analyzer.   Feel free to contact us if you have questions and yes, we plan to have this function on future ChronoVu products.

The LA16 includes an internal jumper to use the center ground “G” input either as a second ground or as an external trigger-out signal.   To change the jumper, remove the 4 screws and signal endplate (end marked G-15) and slide the circuit board out of the box slightly (approximately 1inch).   Facing the unit, you will see a 3pin test probe with a jumper shorting two of the pins together – this configuration is the default setup and connects the second “G” pin to system ground.  To change this set up to enable external triggering, simply move the jumper to the other two pins.

Are you going to offer any new products in the future?

We’re excited to now be offering our LA16 product (thank you to everyone who expressed interest and inputs!) and will continue working on new products to complement our existing products. Please check our website periodically for updates and news.

Is ChronoVu interested in feedback / suggestions on current or new products?

Yes, we are actively refining and developing our products and are interested in user feedback to help guide these efforts. Please submit your ideas/suggestions via the Contact us tab – thanks!

Where do items ship from?

Items shipping within the US or internationally ship from our office in Colorado.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally using UPS. Typical shipping costs are:

  • USPS International (6-10 days) $21.95

*Import taxes and fees that may be collected by the destination country not included – Also note, delivery time may be impacted by customs clearance.

What if my ChronoVu product stops working for some reason?

All ChronoVu products are fully covered for 1 year. Just contact us and we’ll work with you to get the problem solved as quickly as possible.

What if I decide that I don’t want to keep my ChronoVu product?

Let us know within 90 days and we’ll email you a printable shipping label so you can ship it back to us at our expense, and we’ll provide a full refund.