Download ChronoVu software and try before you buy.

We support Windows, Linux x86 and, Mac platforms.

Click on the links for your platform below to reveiw the installation process and/or download and try our software.   In addition to the “canned” bus routines included in the ChronoVu software (SPI/I2C, UART, custom parallel and serial) we also provide complex bus decoders for a number of additional bus protocols as listed (Please let us know if you have other specific needs).    

Software / Installation overview and Downloads

ChronoVu™ LA16 Readme file

ChronoVu™ LA8 Readme file

ChronoVu Windows Linux Mac
LA16 Software
LA8 Software
Bus Decoders
   USB Packet decoder
   Controller Area Network bus
   Local Interconnect Network bus
   Management Data I/O protocol

Notesbe sure to Uninstall any older version of ChronoVu software then install the new version.  Any data files that you have created will not be deleted by this process.  Also be sure to review the available tutorials so you can play with the example files indicated below for each operating system.  Linux users please make sure the file has execute permission and that you are logged in as an administrator.

Example Files:
Windows:  see “MyDocuments/ChronoVu” folder for example files
Linux: see “/usr/local/share/chronovu_la8″ or ”/usr/local/share/chronovu_la16″ directory for examples
Mac:  see “/Users/Shared/ChronoVu” folder for example files